Integrated ERP solutions for your Industry

Huge ERP industry verticals are mainly designed to meet growing wholesale distribution, manufacturing, engineering, and professional service business needs.


Integrated ERP for manufacturing and engineering helps streamline business processes, generate accurate pricing and calculate your total manufacturing costs.
Huge ERP integrates job costing (manufacturing), inventory management and accounting to help ensure raw materials are available to production, manage the manufacturing process and maintain revisions.

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Businesses succeed by acquiring and maintaining clients while ensuring projects/jobs are executed profitability. It all begins with managing client relationships and making deadlines
With integrated financials, customer management, project tracking, service automation, time and expense management. Huge ERP provides capabilities and features that small to medium-sized businesses demand.
Huge ERP allows you to be able to access your business anywhere, anytime to manage your business at the touch of a button. Also gives mobile field service operations for any device, making it easy for management to make decisions on the go.
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Huge Software ERP is a well-thought-out solution for a fast-paced wholesale distribution business. A CRM offers customer database accessibility from a phone or tablet. It allows prompt response to customer enquiries, quote processing and real-time information on inventory levels. With a customisable workflow in place, the management team can effectively process sales orders, keep diverse product inventories at the optimal level, and receive operational reports instantly. Suitable for multisite FMCG, building material and industrial warehouse management
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Even though Huge ERP is designed to meet growing wholesale distribution, engineering, manufacturing and professional service business needs, Huge ERP also benefits a large range of customers in other industries...

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