Our support process for a new customer

Huge ERP expert support and consulting staff provide in-depth and encompassing service to get your new Huge ERP system up and running.


We promise a detailed scoping analysis to understand how we can bring across as much core information from your current systems and what we will be required to train and assist your staff in using Huge ERP.


We will set up your new Huge ERP database with the required information to help you Go live as soon as possible. 


We will assist you to install Teamviewer onto your machine and set up the remote support mechanism.  


At the agreed starting date. We will undertake the Huge ERP basic training that includes all core modules to help you get started. 


We will work closely with your staff to secure the necessary core data from your existing systems and import that into Huge ERR. This means that you don't have to re-enter information into Huge ERP.  


At around three months of use. We'll sit down with your management team and review the reporting options and tailor the format to suit your reporting requirements. 

We understand that introducing a new system is not an easy task for any business. Our consulting team, who are undertaking these projects all the time, are therefore focused on all aspects of the process, but ensuring your staff is comfortable and confident with moving to the new system.


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